Phylogenetic revision of the genera Artocarpus

Year: 2013
Project Description:

The plant genus, Artocarpus is distributed from South Asia east into Oceania, and is the third largest genus (55 68 spp.) in the Moraceae family (fig and mulberry). Artocarpus contains several species of economic and agricultural significance throughout the tropics. While many species produce timber or fruits of regional significance, two species are cultivated throughout the tropics: breadfruit and jackfruit. Previous taxonomic treatments are incomplete in coverage and do not employ molecular or phylogenetic approaches. A phylogenetically informed revisionary synthesis of the genus is ongoing and integrates molecular, morphological, and spatial data. This project will focus on contributing to a web-based revision and will involve examining plant specimens, preparing species descriptions, databasing, GIS, and webpage development.

Fieldwork Conditions: