Care for Rare

Year: 2013
Project Description:

This past summer I worked as a conservation project management intern with Andrea Kramer, Executive Director of BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) to manage two different conservation projects that were in the progression/development stage. 

The first project, Care for the Rare, is a conservation effort backed by BGCI, that provides gardens all over the world with a free resource, via template, by which they can customize specific "threatened" or "endangered" species signs to display by the plants in their collection that are in danger. Using LinkedIn as my primary outreach platform, I was able to greatly bolster awareness of the C4R program amongst botanic garden professionals across the globe. With these successes, the sign library quadrupled from 12 to nearly 50. Due to the surprising amount of international interest, the program is now on its way to going global, with translatable material that can be used in gardens everywhere. 

Fieldwork Conditions: