Bees on roadsides: does habitat quality impact diversity?

Year: 2018
Project Description:
Less than 1% of the tallgrass prairie remains, making questions regarding its conservation critically important. Much of the tallgrass prairie exists in small remnant patches along roadsides and surrounded by agricultural fields. Roadsides provide bees with floral resources and may provide nesting habitat, but may negatively impact bee health. We plan to assess the diversity and abundance of native bees in roadside prairie patches and determine how bee communities change over time.


Fieldwork is located in beautiful west-central Minnesota (two hours west of the Twin Cities and one hour southeast of Fargo, ND) Students will gain skills identifying native plants and collecting, pinning, processing, and identifying insects. Interns live full-time with other members of Team Echinacea (http://EchinaceaProject.org) near Kensington, Mn. 

West-Central Minnesota
Fieldwork Conditions:
Bees, Insects, Pollen