Phylogeny and Genomics of Onagraceae

Year: 2015
Project Description:

New genomics-focused techniques have allowed us to generate large volumes of data for both phylogenetic and functional analysis. In particular, the relatively new field of phylogenomics has allowed us to improve the resolution of relationships between related species, with the emphasis on nodes that have been recalcitrant with more traditional techniques. For this project students will be working on the  phylogeny of Onagreae (Evening Primrose Species). A transcriptome for one species of Oenothera (in addition to publically available Onagraceae transcriptomes) have been generated and will be used as a scaffold for phylogenomic analyses. Using this scaffold, Hyb-Seq ("sequence capture") will be used to assay hundreds of nuclear markers for 48 species. Hyb-Seq is a cost-effective way of sequencing a high volume of markers for many taxa, and can provide several million sites for phylogenetic reconstruction.  We anticipate that these results will provided increased support for previously unsupported nodes in the Onagraceae phylogeny.

Harris Family Genetics Lab
Fieldwork Conditions: