Pat Herendeen

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Co-Director of Division of Plant Science and Conservation, Director of Academic Partnerships, Senior Scientist
Chicago Botanic Garden

pherendeen at chicagobotanic dot org

CBG Summer Intern (2018)

There are a wide number of potential projects for a student to work under at the Chicago Botanic Garden. We try our best to give them a broad experience of the Science and the Scientific process while they are at the Gardens.

Discovering fossil plants from Mongolia (2016)

Fossil plants from Mongolia are incredibly rare. However, in the last five years paleobotanists from the Chicago Botanic Garden have collected thousands of early Cretaceous fossils (~100-120 million years old) such as cones, leaves, seeds, and wood. Some of the conifers groups identified from Mongolia so far include extinct members of the spruce and cypress families. The new material is...

Fossil Plants from Mongolia (2014)

This research project is an examination of fossil plants from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia. This is an international collaborative project involving scientists from Mongolia and Japan, as well as Yale University and Field Museum within the US. Mongolia is well known for its fossil dinosaurs, but less well appreciated is that the country has rich fossil plant deposits. We have extensive...

Optimizing ecological niche models for studies of evolution in neotropical legumes (2013)

Ecological niche modeling, also known as species distribution modeling, has emerged as a powerful tool in ecology and evolutionary biology. The technique combines occurrence records of a species together with climatic or other environmental variables to produce a model of the species fundamental niche. The model is then applied to geographic space to approximate the species abiotically...