Rebecca Barak

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PhD Candidate
Northwestern University

BeckyBarak at u dot northwestern dot edu

The role of relatedness in competition between prairie species (2016)

Do plants compete more strongly with closely or distantly related species? Does a non-native species that is closely related to a native species have a better chance of invading? Our group wants to determine if closely related species compete more strongly than distantly related species, based on the hypothesis that related species have...

Broadening definitions of plant biodiversity in restored tallgrass prairies (2015)

The tallgrass prairie ecosystem – a vast landscape of grasses and wildflowers – once dominated the Midwest. However, it’s now one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America. Ecological restoration is the only way to gain new prairie habitat, but restoring a diverse and fully functioning prairie is difficult. This summer, we will be studying metrics of plant biodiversity not usually...

Seeding Restorations: Evaluating seed viability to improve restoration outcomes (2013)

Most large-scale restoration projects are conducted using seed mixes. Knowledge of seed viability (ability of seeds to germinate) is important both in calculating seed required and evaluating establishment success of individual species or genotypes in a restored community. Methods of assessing seed viability differ some methods destroy the seeds, but are cheap, fast and easy, while others...