Greg Mueller

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Negaunee Foundation Vice President, Science
Chicago Botanic Garden

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Do mycorrhizal fungi explain the rarity of Dendrophylax lindenii, the Ghost Orchid? (2018)

More than half of the 210 species of native North American orchids are endangered. One of these, Dendrophylax lindenii, the Ghost Orchid, is restricted to southwestern Florida and far western Cuba. It is a leafless epiphyte that grows on a restricted set of tree species, two in Florida and up to 13 in Cuba. While pollinators influence the broad scale distribution of orchid species,...

Fungal associates of plant parasite, Comandra umbellata (2018)

Comandra umbellata is associated with high quality grassland remnants. It is credited with increasing plant diversity due to its hemiparasitic effects. However, it has been particularly difficult to establish in restorations. This project will investigate possible mycorrhizal factors limiting establishment of C. umbellata in the field and the role of seed recruitment in current populations. ...

Phylogenetic Investigation of Fusarium spp. isolated from Vanilla roots (2015)

Vanilla planifolia is an economically valuable orchid that is widely used for flavors and fragrances. Worldwide, the Vanilla industry usually encounters recurring threats from Fusarium oxysporum, a fungal pathogen that causes root and stem rot. Studies have revealed that Vanilla farms lose up to 67% of plants when infected by Fusarium oxysporum. Studies also...