Yun Wang

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Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University

yun-wang at northwestern dot edu

Friends or Foes: Bacterial-fungal interactions via redox-active toxins (2013)

Microbial interactions between bacteria and fungi exist in nearly every niche on the planet, such as lungs of cystic fibrosis patients, catheters, crop roots, soils, and concrete buildings. They are expected to have enormous impacts on our society, ranging from treating persistent microbial infections, to drug discovery, to biotechnology, to driving numerous biogeochemical cycles. Mirroring...

Bacterial-fungal interactions via redox-active "toxins" (2012)

Bacteria and fungi are the lungs of our planet. Despite their widespread interactions in nature and the clinical environment, little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying these interactions and their potential impacts on human and ecosystem health. In particular, secreted redox-active molecules are increasingly recognized to mediate many types of interactions between bacteria...