Matt Wang

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Chicago Botanic Garden

matthewd dot wang at gmail dot com

I am a masters student in the Plant Biology & Conservation program at Northwestern/Chicago Botanic Garden. My interests include population/conservation genetics, phylogenetics, and ecology. Most of my work has been with Colorado Plateau & Mojave desert plants. My recent projects include “Taxon Boundaries and Genetic Variation Within and Among Populations of Rare Cacti, Pediocactus despainii and Pediocactus winkleri" and “The Effects of Road Disturbance on the Reproductive Success of the Holmgren Milkvetch Astragalus holmgreniorum”. Before starting the program here at CBG I worked 3 seasons at Capitol Reef National Park. I worked with numerous rare plants and was on the search & rescue team. I love the outdoors (Particularly the desert!) and am just as happy in the field as I am in the lab. My future plans are to pursue a phd and continue work in the southwest.

Genetic Diversity and Variation in Populations of the Endangered Cactus Sclerocactus wrightiae (2018)

The effects of herbivory on genetic diversity in rare and endemic plants has not been studied in depth. Climate change models predict an increase in new pests and disease due to increased temperatures and CO2; expanding the range of pests. Sclerocactus wrightiae is an endangered cactus endemic the Colorado Plateau (Capitol Reef National Park & surrounding areas). In 2015 an...