Paul CaraDonna

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Conservation Scientist
Chicago Botanic Garden

pcaradonna at chicagobotanic dot org

My research aims to understand the structure and function of ecological communities and species interactions, mostly with plants and pollinators. In doing so, my lab explores the interplay among biotic context, abiotic variation, and species’ phenologies. We ask how these factors influence plant and animal populations, their interactions, and community structure from a basic ecological perspective and under rapid climate change scenarios.

Big city bees: exploring the consequences of urbanization on native bee communities in Chicago (2018)

With urban areas growing dramatically, it is critical that we understand how ecological communities respond to the land-use changes associated with urbanization. Native pollinators may be particularly susceptible to effects of urbanization given various aspects of their ecology and natural history. Although research on the effects of urbanization on native bees is growing, we are still far...