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Genetic diversity on Sale - what diversity can you get in nursery purchased plant (2015)

The use of a genetically diverse native plants material in restoration and urban gardens is coming increasingly important. However, producing genetically-diverse native plant material can be incredibly challenging. Each step of production, from collecting the raw material to sowing the seed into a restoration site, has the potential to decrease the genetic diversity of the produced material....

Green Roof Ecology (2014)

Green roofs have the potential to provide habitat and other resources for native plant and animal species in urban environments. Previous research has found that a variety of such species do use green roofs but further investigation is needed to determine how these habitats can be designed to make greater contributions to urban biodiversity conservation. This project will focus on evaluating...

Characterization of Floral community within Gravel Hills (2012)

Gravel Hills are a rare fragmented habitat in the Upper midwest, and as a consequence they have a high frequency of species identified as rare or threatened. What makes this interesting is that this is a naturally fragmented habitat and therefore many of the species which are found on these hills have evolved to survive in this type of condition. As native ecosystems become increasingly...