Jordan Wood

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Masters Student
Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden

jordanwood2015 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Using Genetics to help Hawaiian's endangered flora (2018)

Preventing Extinction: Hawaii is the extinction capital of the United States. One group that has some of the highest number of endangered species are the Hawaiian Lobeliods. This unique taxonomic group represents some of the most unusual members of the Campanulaceae family. Considerable effort is being invested in preventing the extinction of many of the critically endangered species in this...

Conservation genetics and ex situ management of Oglethope oak (2017)

The primary objectives of my master's thesis research are to compare the in situ and ex situ diversity of Quercus oglethorpensis (Oglethope oak) using neutral microsatellite markers, and to trial population management software (PMX) for applications in plant conservation, or more specifically, compare the effects of different ex situ...