Rachel Levin

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Assistant Professor
Amherst College

rlevin at amherst dot edu

Inheritance of Scent (2015)

Our studies of Oenothera harringtonii (Arkansas Valley Evening Primrose) have revealed geographic variation of floral scent compounds despite evidence of high gene flow. Scent variation in O. harringtonii is mainly associated with a single compound, linalool; which is sometimes found in large quantities. We observe geographic variation in floral scent and have identified two primary chemotypes...

Phylogeny and Genomics of Onagraceae (2015)

New genomics-focused techniques have allowed us to generate large volumes of data for both phylogenetic and functional analysis. In particular, the relatively new field of phylogenomics has allowed us to improve the resolution of relationships between related species, with the emphasis on nodes that have been recalcitrant with more traditional techniques. For this project students will be...