Alicia Foxx

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PhD Student
Northwestern University and The Chicago Botanic Garden

aliciafoxx2014 at u dot northwestern dot edu

Hi! I'm a third year PhD student, and I work on understanding how plants come to coexist with one another in communities; particularly how competition, trait variation, and plastic responses factor in. I think roots are really fascinating, so I study all of the above through their lens. 

How much and what types of genetic diversity matter when restoring habitat? (2018)

We are studying how genetic diversity influences productivity and ecosystem services in wildflower species being used to restore habitat in the western United States. For this, we have measured differences in important leaf and root traits among many individuals from different populations of each species, and during Summer 2018 will be manipulating the amount and type of genetic diversity...

Investigating trait plasticity in plant species native to the Colorado Plateau to understand impacts on plant community dynamics and inform restoration (2017)

Plants can change their traits or behavior depending on the conditions they are exposed to, a phenomenon known as plasticity. Plasticity helps plants cope with heterogeneous or changing environments, and can determine the outcome of competitive interactions and ultimately the structure and diversity of plant communities. For example, plants often respond to herbivore attacks by accumulating...