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Saving the last populations of Strawberry Tree (Arbutus andrachne; Ericaceae) in the Republic of Georgia (2018)

Arbutus andrachne L. (Greek strawberry tree) is an evergreen shrub or small tree with a circum-Mediterranean distribution from Tunisia to Morocco along the north of Africa, and from Spain to Turkey along southern Europe. However, the more restricted Euro-Siberian populations, such as those in the Republic of Georgia, are considered endangered. Here, Arbutus andrachne...

Soil development, carbon stocks and dynamics of carbon pools in urban soils (2017)

Urban soils pose a unique challenge for ecosystem restoration: they are highly degraded and lack structure, organic matter, and nutrients, all of which limits plant growth and establishment.  While these soil conditions might inhibit initial plant establishment, we lack a clear understanding of how urban soils develop over time, and the consequences for plant growth. In this study, the REU...

Dendrochemistry: using the analysis of archived and contemporary soil samples to document changes in soil quality in a managed area (2016)

Soil dendrochemistry, or the elemental analysis of dated soil samples, has been used to monitor historical changes in soil and atmospheric chemistry, soil development, and land-use history.  For restoration ecologists, however, this approach also provides a way to detect the long-term changes in environmental quality since variations in soil chemistry typically coincide with changes in plant...

Mycorrhizal symbioses of the Amaryllidaceae (2016)

The Amarylloids are a large and diverse group of perennial plants (59 genera, > 800 species) in the order Asparagales, and are distributed primarily in tropical and subtropical areas.  Many species are cultivated as garden ornamentals or pot plants, including the belladonna lily (Amaryllis belladonna), daffodil (Narcissus), zephyr lilies (Zephyrastrum), and ‘...

Using GIS in the English Walled Garden to identify environmental factors contributing to plant loss (2016)

This GIS project is focused on analyzing the English Walled Garden using the reports of dead plants.  We suspect there are more than one ‘dead zones’ where environmental factors are not conducive to plant longevity.