Adhya Gowda

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Adhya Is a student at Adlai E. Stevenson High School , and is expecting to graduate in 2019 .

About Me:
This summer I will be a senior at Stevenson High School working at the Chicago Botanic Gardens through the SPARK program. My mentor is Dr. Warburton and we will be studying soil.

My Projects
New solutions for an old problem? Combining biochar, mulch, mycorrhizal fungi, and sand to restore the quality and health of soils. (2018)

The concept of restoring or enhancing the quality and health of soil resources has become increasingly popular, but what is soil health and how can it be enhanced? Soil health is the generally defined as the capacity of soil to sustain plant productivity, and maintain or enhance water and air quality. However, translating science into practice can be complicated. Measuring 'soil quality' does