Theresa Nguyen

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Theresa Is a student at Middlebury College , studying International Politics and Economics .

About Me:
I was born and raised in Chicago and am now attending Middlebury College in Vermont. I believe that it is important that people have some sort of scientific understanding, but above that, I believe it is imperative that people studying politics or are in politics understand how science works and the reasoning behind it. Having been in many different types of environments, I can say that depending on where I am, scientific approaches vary. Thus, although I am not majoring in a natural science, I want to be more involved and knowledgeable about the sciences to, hopefully, help better the future.

My Projects
New solutions for an old problem? Combining biochar, mulch, mycorrhizal fungi, and sand to restore the quality and health of soils. (2018)

The concept of restoring or enhancing the quality and health of soil resources has become increasingly popular, but what is soil health and how can it be enhanced? Soil health is the generally defined as the capacity of soil to sustain plant productivity, and maintain or enhance water and air quality. However, translating science into practice can be complicated. Measuring 'soil quality' does