Laura Fehling

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Laura Is a student at University of Wisconsin at Green Bay , studying Environmental Science , and is expecting to graduate in 2019 .

About Me:
I am an environmental science major at University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and will be graduating in Spring of 2019. I am interested in plants, conservation, and climate change. I have always loved nature and getting to pursue that passion as a career has been a incredible experience. In my free time I love to read, roller skate, and care for my house plants. I look forward to spending the summer as an REU intern working hard and learning a lot.

My Projects
Assessing the impact of drought on plant-pollinator and plant herbivore interactions (2018)

Many consequences associated with global climate change directly affect Earth’s ecosystems, including changing precipitation patterns associated with increased drought frequency and intensity in arid regions. Water availability has a strong influence on the distribution of plant species globally and can impact the allocation of resources within individual plants. In times of limited water