Nathanael Williams

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Nathanael Is a student at Ferris State University , studying Environmental Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I'm a senior at Ferris State University in Michigan, studying environmental biology. I grew up in small towns where the only thing to do is play outside; It's learned to love the outdoors and everything that it has to offer. I'm an active person who enjoys athletics, working out, reading research articles and video games. Constantly evaluating my performance and focusing on how to improve whatever activity I'm doing has driven me to want to work in the field of research, so I'm very grateful for this opportunity! I will be working with Louise Egerton in the soil lab, hoping to contribute toward a better understanding of the inner workings of soil.

My Projects
Soil development, carbon stocks and dynamics of carbon pools in urban soils (2017)

Urban soils pose a unique challenge for ecosystem restoration: they are highly degraded and lack structure, organic matter, and nutrients, all of which limits plant growth and establishment.  While these soil conditions might inhibit initial plant establishment, we lack a clear understanding of how urban soils develop over time, and the consequences for plant growth. In this study, the REU