Sydney Weil

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Sydney Is a student at Amherst College , studying Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I grew up in Northern California, where I developed a love of nature, which turned into a passion for conservation. I'm excited to spend the summer researching hawkmoths and their interactions with Oenothera harringtonii for my honors thesis. In my spare time, I love reading, hiking, and riding horses.

My Projects
Floral traits at the intersection of herbivory and pollination in evening primroses (2017)

The Dimensions of Biodiversity: Landscapes of Linalool grant broadly examines the role of floral scent in mediating pollinator and herbivore interactions and in driving the diversification of evening primroses at multiple evolutionary timescales. Due to their opposing effects on plant fitness, herbivores and pollinators have the potential to influence the evolution of floral phenotypes across