Imeña Valdes

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Imeña Is a student at Florida International University , studying Biological Sciences , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I grew up in both South and Central Florida, and relocated to Miami again to attend FIU. My research interests are in plant/animal interactions, ethnobotany, and agriculture in the tropics. I love everything tropical, especially plants and fruits! This summer my project is focusing on flowering phenology of three different populations of Asclepias syriaca where we'll be monitoring pollinator visitation and how that changes over the course of the season.

My Projects
Local adaptation of flowering phenology in common milkweed (2017)

Local adaptation is a well-documented phenomenon in plants, whereby populations evolve specialization to local environmental conditions, such as climate. The timing of life cycle events such as flowering and fruit set, also known as phenology, often displays local adaptation. As many flowering plants are pollinated by animals, aligning flowering time with pollinator emergence and activity is