Corina Godoy

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Corina Is a student at Humboldt State University , studying Environmental Science and Management , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I am an environmental science and management major with a focus on ecological restoration. I attend Humboldt State University in Northern California, but I grew up in a small city in Southern California. My favorite plant is white sage because it is one of the first plants I learned to identify. I like to paint and go rock climbing in my free time. I am excited to learn more about parasitic plant relationships and the indirect effects that result from these interactions.

My Projects
Parasites and their effects on communities (2017)

Parasitic plants form connections to neighboring plants that drain their neighbors of their nutrients. This interaction often stunts the growth of the host plants being parasitized. However, this interaction may have positive effects for the parasitized host in the form of changes to its’ pollinator and herbivore interactions. We aim to investigate these indirect positive effects of parasites