Ana Flores

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Ana Is a student at Florida International University , studying Biological Sciences , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I am a Biology major at FIU in Miami, Florida, with a focus on Ecology and Evolution. I am generally interested in animal and plant adaptations to rapidly changing ecosystems, particularly due to extreme climate variation. I believe that if we understand how plants and animals adapt, even on a very small evolutionary scale, we can improve conservation, and properly inform restoration efforts. This summer I'll be studying how seeds, sourced from different regions for prairie restoration, compare when exposed to a simulated frost event. Personally, I am an avid reader. Also, I am optimistic about the potential of the internet to serve Science as a vehicle for communicating with the non-scientific public.

My Projects
Predictive provenancing: can southern-sourced seeds be used in Midwest restoration efforts? (2017)

Rapid anthropogenic climate change is currently causing range shifts and changes in phenology for many species. Many plant populations have been shown to be adapted to local environmental conditions. Restoration managers have hence primarily sourced their seed from local areas relative to the restoration site. However, the genotypes present in these populations used as seed sources may be ill-