Jalen Holloway

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Jalen Is a student at Humboldt State University , studying Environmental Science , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
Hi there, I grew up in Southern California. I enjoy watching sports, which include soccer and basketball. Also, writing is a big hobby of mine. More specifically, I like to write both novels and poems in my spare time. When I went to college, I found my passion in both Environmental science and Botany, and I plan to get my Master's degree in Botany. Through this program, I want to learn more about undertaking a research project.

My Projects
Sex in an evening primrose: can hand pollination select for traits that make plants less attractive to hawkmoths? (2017)

Oenothera organensis is a rare evening primrose, found only in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico. The Chicago Botanic Garden obtained plants from a greenhouse collection at Indiana University of Oe. organensis descended from individuals collected in the wild in 1938, as well as plants collected last year from the wild. Oe. organensis is self-incompatible, and