Justyn Carrasco

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Justyn Is a student at Illinois State University , studying Plant Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2020 .

About Me:
I am going into my sophomore year at Illinois State University. I am interested in plant biology. I wish to become a conservation biologist at the molecular level, to show that species need diversity for their success. Prior to becoming an REU I was a part of the College First program here at the garden, this peaked my interest in molecular work. I also interned at the Desert Botanic Garden working in their conservation lab introducing me to conservation at the molecular level. My favorite part of biology or science in general is that your work revolves around your interest and allows you to ask and answer question that you are passionate about! During my time as an REU I want to know what it is like to work on a project semi independently what it is like to analyze the data(which I am not familiar with).

My Projects
Conservation genetics and ex situ management of Oglethope oak (2017)

The primary objectives of my master's thesis research are to compare the in situ and ex situ diversity of Quercus oglethorpensis (Oglethope oak) using neutral microsatellite markers, and to trial population management software (PMX) for applications in plant conservation, or more specifically, compare the effects of different ex situ