Alice Ledent

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Alice Is a student at University of Liege , studying Bryophytes biogeography , and is expecting to graduate in 2019 .

About Me:
I am a PHD student from Belgium. I work on bryophytes (Mosses) biogeography. My current project concern the impact of global warming and deforestation on Amazonian bryophytes populations. Especially i study the structure of the Amazonian populations, the migrations between populations, the dispersal capacities of these mosses and wonder whether these capacities will be enough or not to bridge their actual and future distribution of suitable areas in the context of human disturbance and climate change. To resolve these questions, i'll use a complementary approach of population genetics, species distribution models and molecular phylogeography. I'm at the botanic garden to learn the GBS sequencing technique and thus to get the DNA sequences of the mosses i sampled in the Brezilian Amazonian forest in February 2016. These sequences are the basis for all the analyses i'll need to undertake in the context of my PHD. I'm working with Norm Wickett and his Post doc Rick Overson.

My Projects
Moss Genomics - New techniques for old lineages (2014)

Research in the Wickett lab makes use of high-throughput (next generation) DNA sequencing and bioinformatics to gain insight into how genome and gene-family diversification is related to the evolution of morphological, ecological, and molecular novelty in plants. In particular, we are currently sequencing genomes and transcriptomes to understand how genomic processes such as polyploidy, gene