Nina Denne

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Nina Is a student at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy , studying Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
My name is Nina, and I am working on the Diatom project this summer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Under the guidance of Norm Wickett, Matthew Parks, and Matthew Johnson, I am exploring the genome of a new diatom species and its transposable elements. Specifically, I am looking at the two diatom-specific lineages of transposable elements (CoDiI and CoDiII) to see if they are present in the new diatom genome. Also, I am looking for any new transposable elements that may be present in the genome.

My Projects
Analyses of large-scale datasets in diatoms, an essential group of photosynthetic organisms. (2016)

Key words: Evolution, Genetics, Phylogenomics, Next Generation Sequencing

The Wickett lab invites interested undergraduates to apply for an REU in computational bioinformatics and phylogenomics. We are currently investigating the nearly 200 million year history of diatoms, a fascinating group of unicellular organisms that number between 100-200,000 species, and likely account for 1/5th