Ramsey Millison

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Ramsey Is a student at DePaul University , studying Environmental Science , and is expecting to graduate in 2016 .

My Projects
Dendrochemistry: using the analysis of archived and contemporary soil samples to document changes in soil quality in a managed area (2016)

Soil dendrochemistry, or the elemental analysis of dated soil samples, has been used to monitor historical changes in soil and atmospheric chemistry, soil development, and land-use history.  For restoration ecologists, however, this approach also provides a way to detect the long-term changes in environmental quality since variations in soil chemistry typically coincide with changes in plant

Impacts of tallgrass prairie restoration on decomposition and microbial communities (2014)

Natural areas are managed using aboveground methods, but these methods have profound influences on belowground processes. Decomposition is an important process that is driven by soil organisms and determines nutrient availability for next year's plant growth. This project investigates how restoration methods influence decomposition and fungal decomposer communities. Leaf litter bags containing