Kristen Manion

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Kristen Is a student at University of Kansas , studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
Broadly speaking, my interests are in plant-pollinator conservation and restoration. I am primarily interested in native bee and plant conservation in dry grassland prairie systems. Additionally, I am interested in understanding and finding innovative ways to aid in the restoration of native plant-pollinator systems and maintenance of their unique community ecology. My other interests include community ecology, population ecology/genetics, and ethnobotany. I am also involved in a number of other organizations that explore some of my other non-science interests. I am the incoming Director for KU's Alternative Breaks program, which sends students on weeklong service learning trips across the country during our major school breaks. I am also a PLUS Biology Peer Leader for KU's Intro to Organismal Biology class (Biol 152) where I aid in creating packets and interactive learning material on a weekly basis to help students with core class concepts. A few other things I enjoy include traveling, photography, drinking tea, and studying Spanish.

My Projects
Growing apart?: Documenting range-wide floral variation to investigate a possible pollinator shift in Castilleja sessiliflora (2016)

The adaptation of plants to different kinds of pollinators is considered a driving force of the floral diversity seen among angiosperms. Shifts between pollinators that are accompanied by changes in floral traits provide a key opportunity to investigate the role of pollinators in driving floral trait evolution. Many studies of pollinator shifts, however, fail to address changes in pollinators