Filza Ali

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Filza Is a student at Oakton Community College , studying Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2019 .

About Me:
My name is Filza! I was born in Pakistan, but I have lived in Chicago, Illinois for majority of my life. I absolutely LOVE eating food, laughing, and making new friends. My last six summers have been spent at the CBG. I started in the Science First program (primary education) and have gradually worked my way up into becoming an REU intern. Although I have learned a lot through my time at the Garden, I still learn new things every year and cannot wait to learn them with you all.

My Projects
Dry communities of the Midwest - Plant traits that make you successful in a xeric and fragmented habitat (2016)

The gravel hills support a unique plant community more similar to short grass prairies of the West rather than mesic prairies of the surrounding areas. These habitats are often small and isolated habitats which have been naturally fragmented for many years. We are interested in what are the traits that have allowed these species to colonize these areas and persist in these areas. As these