Wendy Semski

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Wendy Is a student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee , studying Biological Sciences , and is expecting to graduate in 2016 .

About Me:
My name is Wendy Semski, I'm 26 years old, and I've lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin my entire life. I am nearing the end of my Bachelor of Science degree with two majors: Biological Sciences and Conservation and Environmental Science. My goal is to become a botanist, and work as a research scientist, a conservationist, or in a botanical garden, and if at all possible, all three. I am excited about the internship with the Chicago Botanic Gardens because I hope that it will give me the tools necessary to be a successful plant scientist, to learn and grow within my chosen field, and to confidently move on to graduate school. Aside from my scientific interests, I am an avid reader (I read pretty much everything, and I am never without a book), I enjoy listening to music and watching television, and spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family.

My Projects
The role of relatedness in competition between prairie species (2016)

Do plants compete more strongly with closely or distantly related species? Does a non-native species that is closely related to a native species have a better chance of invading? Our group wants to determine if closely related species compete more strongly than distantly related species, based on the hypothesis that related species have