Jannice Newson

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Jannice Is a student at University of Missouri , studying Environmental Science , and is expecting to graduate in 2018 .

About Me:
I am from Chicago, and grew up in the Humboldt Park area. Things I like to do include exercise, crochet, and draw. Going to school in a small town has given me a greater appreciation for Chicago for many reasons. I have been involved in other programs at the Chicago Botanic Garden such as College First and Science First and I am glad to be a part of the REU program.

My Projects
Native Plant Assessment for Restored Lake Shorelines at the Chicago Botanic Garden (2015)

Scenic water vistas and diverse aquatic habitat are defining landscape elements throughout the Chicago Botanic Garden’s 60-acre system of interconnected lakes.  Beginning in 1999, the Garden has engaged in a systematic rejuvenation of its lake shoreline using innovative bioengineering techniques.  These approaches rely heavily on dense stands of native vegetation to control erosion of fragile