Jenniffer Paniagua

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Jenniffer Is a student at University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus , studying Integrative Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
I love nature. I love being in contact with it. I believe that the best places are the ones that haven't been touch by humans. The ones that you just hear birds, feel the wind and see wildlife. I consider myself kind, funny, and creative. I like reading books, learning new things, and visiting new places. I am also really excited about this summer!

My Projects
Scent variation: its role in attracting both pollinators and herbivores in Evening Primroses (2015)

The plant tribe Onagreae (Onagraceae; the evening primrose family) and its associated insects pollinators (Sphingidae hawkmoth) and herbivores (Mompha microlepidoptera and Hawkmoth larvae) is a model systems for studying the role of floral scent in shaping the evolution of plants and their associated organisms across western North America. Floral scent is known to be an important trait in