Evan Levy

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Evan Is a student at Colorado College , studying Organismal Biology and Ecology , and is expecting to graduate in 2016 .

About Me:
I am going into my senior year at Colorado College. I am striving to make this REU project into my senior thesis for my organismal biology and ecology major. Besides enjoying plants and all the wonders they behold, I like to watch birds, ecologize and hike. I play the saxophone in various bands and ensembles, I make functional ceramics (mugs, bowls, etc.), and I take photos as a loose hobby. My project is centered on bees, which is quite exciting because of all the hype around bees these days. I'm hoping to be able to use my thesis, along with a friends thesis about similar floral preference, to get my school to install some sort of bee boxes/pollinator garden(s!).

My Projects
Scent variation: its role in attracting both pollinators and herbivores in Evening Primroses (2015)

The plant tribe Onagreae (Onagraceae; the evening primrose family) and its associated insects pollinators (Sphingidae hawkmoth) and herbivores (Mompha microlepidoptera and Hawkmoth larvae) is a model systems for studying the role of floral scent in shaping the evolution of plants and their associated organisms across western North America. Floral scent is known to be an important trait in