Joshua Dansie

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Joshua Is a student at Chaffey College (Spring 2015), UCR (Fall 2015) , studying Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
Biology student, part-time worker. Vegetarian, humanitarian. Poet, gardener, nature-enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, chef. Background in musicianship, photography, theatre, writing, and any number of nifty party tricks. Looking for a hiking buddy or a fellow music lover. Namaste.

My Projects
Phylogenetic Investigation of Fusarium spp. isolated from Vanilla roots (2015)

Vanilla planifolia is an economically valuable orchid that is widely used for flavors and fragrances. Worldwide, the Vanilla industry usually encounters recurring threats from Fusarium oxysporum, a fungal pathogen that causes root and stem rot. Studies have revealed that Vanilla farms lose up to 67% of plants when infected by Fusarium oxysporum. Studies also