Allison Brackley

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Allison Is a student at University of Illinois at Chicago , studying Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2014 .

About Me:
I am a born explorer, Chicago native and biology student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. During the summer of 2014 I will be an intern at the Chicago Botanic Garden, studying the impact of biocontrol weevils on Cirsium pitcheri in Wisconsin. My primary interests are in community ecology and species interactions.

My Projects
Interactions between a Suite of Biocontrol Weevils and the Ecosystem of Cirsium pitcheri (2014)

This project focuses on interactions between a suite of biocontrol weevils and the threatened plant, Cirsium pitcheri, and carries implications for management and biocontrol usage in the United States. Work will be split between a lab at the Chicago Botanic Garden and field sites in Door County, Wisconsin. The weevils have been used to control Cirsium, Carduus, and Centaurea species in North