Jaileen Merced-Hoyos

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Jaileen Is a student at University of Puerto Rico , studying Integrative Biology , and is expecting to graduate in 2015 .

About Me:
Senior student interested in plant conservation, forest ecology, systematics and ethnobotany. I have been working in a manual of medicinal, edible and poisonous plants of Puerto Rico. As a member of the AKKA SEEDS ecology chapter, I have been able to work with the biological status of an endemic and possibly endangered plant species. I was born in Bogota Colombia but raised in the tropical island of Puerto Rico.

My Projects
Assessing Ravine Flora (2014)

The Plants of Concern (POC) program (plantsofconcern.org) monitors and assesses long-term trends for over 200 species of the Chicago Region's endangered, threatened, and rare plants species, and provides this data to partner landowners and managers for conservation decision making. POC also contributes to regional projects aimed at understanding and