Alexander Shaffer

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Alexander Is a student at Northwestern University , studying Plant Biology and Classical Studies , and is expecting to graduate in 2015 .

About Me:
I am a Northwestern undergraduate from San Antonio, Texas. Interested in music, nature and sports. I am actively involved in the theater community at Northwestern, building sets for student-produced productions. I am majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in plant biology, and also Classical Studies with a concentration in Ancient Greek.

My Projects
Genetics of Nursery grown Castilleja levisecta, the golden paintbrush (2013)

Golden paintbrush is a small, charismatic, hemiparasitic plant that historically grew in the prairies of western Oregon and Washington. Extirpated in Oregon since the 1940s, current efforts for reintroduction show promise for recovery. Our research looks for possible genetic divergence between wild and reintroduced populations of Castilleja levisecta, or golden paintbrush. We are currently