Rosalba Herrera

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Rosalba Is a student at Loyola University Chicago , studying Physics and Chemistry , and is expecting to graduate in 2017 .

About Me:
I have recently graduated from Lincoln Park High School. I will be a freshman in Loyola University this upcoming fall.

My Projects
Genetic and stable isotope analyses of fungi from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula (2014)

The objective of this project is to identify ecologically important symbiotic and saprotrophic fungi from understudied seasonally dry tropical forests in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula using cutting edge tools. The rapid development of fungal ecology as it has entered the molecular age has highlighted many remaining fundamental knowledge gaps, including the huge number of tropical fungi that have

Genetic Diversity of Wisconsin Populations of Cirsium pitcheri (2013)

Recent studies of genetic diversity in two of the five known populations of Cirsium pitcheri present opposing picture of the state of affairs. One population had low diversity and high inbreeding, while the other had high diversity and low inbreeding. To determine if the low diversity is a state wide problem or restricted to the one populations, genetic diversity will be measured in additional