Jessica Riebkes

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Jessica Is a student at Central College , studying Biology Major, Global Sustainability and Spanish minors , and is expecting to graduate in 2014 .

About Me:
My name is Jessica and I am an REU intern at Chicago Botanical Garden for summer 2013. I will be a senior at Central College, in Pella IA in the fall where I study Biology. My primary interests in biology are conservation, tallgrass prairie ecology/restoration, and bats.

My Projects
Seeding Restorations: Evaluating seed viability to improve restoration outcomes (2013)

Most large-scale restoration projects are conducted using seed mixes. Knowledge of seed viability (ability of seeds to germinate) is important both in calculating seed required and evaluating establishment success of individual species or genotypes in a restored community. Methods of assessing seed viability differ some methods destroy the seeds, but are cheap, fast and easy, while others