Geralle Powell

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Geralle Is a student at Wellesley College , studying Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies , and is expecting to graduate in 2016 .

About Me:
I am a rising college sophomore at Wellesley College, double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. Im a free spirit who enjoys rowing competitively, singing, running outdoors, and learning about new scientific possibilities, especially those involving plants. My favorite tree is a flowering dogwood and my favorite flower is an evening primrose.

My Projects
Nutrient assimilation and management practice in communities of Cypripedium candidum in the Chicago Region (2013)

Orchids belong to one of the most abundant families on earth and tend to be very specific in their habitats. Many exotic species are commercially grown in greenhouses, but our local terrestrial species are not so easily domesticated. As a result, their preservation is challenging, and conventional reintroduction and restoration techniques are intractable for many species. We do know that