Jenifer Yost

(1 Interns)

Jenifer Is a student at Lake Forest College , studying Biology and Environmental Studies , and is expecting to graduate in 2014 .

About Me:
(1) June 2013: Presented research at the International Union of Soil Science Global Soil Carbon Conference. (2) May 2013 - Present: Worked for Lynn Westley at Lake Forest College continuing thesis work on soil aggregates at the Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University (CBG/NU Advisors: Louise Egerton-Warburton and Katie Schreiner). (3) Sept. 2012 - May 2013: Intern at the Chicago Botanic Garden in the Soil and Fungal Lab (CBG Advisors: Corey Palmer and Louise Egerton-Warburton). (4) May - July 2012: Worked for Sean Menke at Lake Forest College studying ant community composition in savannah environments in McHenry County, Illinois. (5) January - May 2012: Interned at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, IL and managed care and feeding of various reptiles, amphibians, and birds. (6) June 2008 - Present: Figure skating instructor at Park Ridge Park District specializing in beginner skaters (tots and up).

My Projects
Organic Matter stabilization in soil aggregates during grassland restorations (2013)

The Chicago Wilderness Society is working a new project called "100 Sites for 100 Years" to record changes across natural areas in the Chicago Region. One aspect of habitat quality we are interested is changes in soil characteristics associated with management.  Soil samples have been collected from 15 prairies around the Chicagoland