REU Mentors

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Chicago Botanic Garden
katherineandrews2018 at u dot northwestern dot edu

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Assistant Director, Chicago Botanic Garden & Director, Plant Collections
Chicago Botanic Garden
abunting at chicagobotanic dot org

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Conservation Scientist
Chicago Botanic Garden
pcaradonna at chicagobotanic dot org
My research aims to understand the structure and function of ecological communities and species interactions, mostly with plants and pollinators. In doing so, my lab explores the interplay among biotic context, abiotic variation, and species’ phenologies. We ask how these factors influence plant and animal populations, their interactions, and community structure from a basic ecological perspective and under rapid climate change scenarios.

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Curator of Woody Plants
Chicago Botanic Garden
pdouglas at chicagobotanic dot org
Phillip Douglas is a Northern Kentucky native who currently serves as the Curator of Woody Plants at the Chicago Botanic Garden. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he received a Bachelors of Science in Horticulture from the University of Cincinnati and Master of Public Administration from Eastern Kentucky Univeristy. Beginning his career at the Boone County Arboretum, Phil spent several years working as a horticulturist for the historic landscape at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the Director of Horticulture for Gainesway Farm, Phil managed 1600 acres of...

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Conservation Scientist, Soil and Microbial Ecology
Chicago Botanic Garden
lwarburton at chicagobotanic dot org
I am a soil ecologist.  My research projects focus on examining the ecological links between the above- and below-ground biota, and in particular, the roles of mycorrhizal fungi in ecosystem function. Most of my research revolves around three themes: documenting the diversity of mycorrhizal communities; developing a mechanistic understanding of how these plant-fungal interactions affect community and ecosystem processes, and examining the consequences of alterations in climate, land-use, and species invasions on this relationship.  To address these themes...

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PhD Student
Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden
aernst at u dot northwestern dot edu

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Molecular Ecologist, Conservation Scientist
Chicago Botanic Garden
jfant at chicagobotanic dot org
I have been a Molecular Ecologist at the Chicago Botanic Garden since 2003. The focus of my work stems from population genetic theory, but within that area my main interest are pollination, restoration, rare species and hybridization. The ecosystems I have done most of my work in are the Deserts of the western United States and Dry Prairies of the Midwest. 

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PhD Candidate
Chicago Botanic Garden, Northwestern University
jfinch at chicagobotanic dot org
PhD student working with Dr. Havens-Young since 2013. Dissertation research focuses on the impact of climate change on early life stages (dormancy break, germination, and seedling establishment) of three common milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) in the Midwest U.S. Other research interests include urban ecology, monarch-milkweed biology, phenology, and restoration ecology.   

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PhD Student
Northwestern University and The Chicago Botanic Garden
aliciafoxx2014 at u dot northwestern dot edu
Hi! I'm a third year PhD student, and I work on understanding how plants come to coexist with one another in communities; particularly how competition, trait variation, and plastic responses factor in. I think roots are really fascinating, so I study all of the above through their lens. 

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p-geddes at neiu dot edu

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Manager, Plants of Concern
Chicago Botanic Garden
rgoad at chicagobotanic dot org

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Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University
andreagruver at gmail dot com
I am a first-year master's student researching the effect of urbanization on native bee communities in Chicago, IL. I am interested in identifying what urban landscape features influence native bee community composition and what traits native bees in urban settings possess. I am broadly interested in community ecology, pollination biology, and entomology. 

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Co-Director of Division of Plant Science and Conservation, Director of Academic Partnerships, Senior Scientist
Chicago Botanic Garden
pherendeen at chicagobotanic dot org

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Chicago Botanic Garden
fherrera at chicagobotanic dot org

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Chicago Botanic Garden
tania dot jogesh at gmail dot com
Plants and insects comprise the majority of the world’s biodiversity. How has the interaction between plants and insects given rise to the incredible diversity of both groups? My research interests lie in understanding the ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant-insect interactions. Plants interact with the world primarily through the means of chemistry and produce a diverse array of chemical compounds that can serve important ecological functions by protecting the plant from herbivory or attracting pollinators. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I...

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PhD candidate
Chicago Botanic Garden / Northwestern University
lynnaunjohnson2018 at u dot northwestern dot edu
I am a PhD student interested in fungal ecology specifically of orchid and mycorrhizal interactions for the conservation of endangered orchids native to North America. My current research investigates mycorrhizal fungi of epiphytic orchids in southwest Florida. Prior to this research I investigated the mycorrhizal fungi of Mexican vanilla.

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Director of Restoration Ecology
Chicago Botanic Garden
bkirschn at chicagobotanic dot org

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Conservation Scientist, Restoration Ecology
Chicago Botanic Garden
akramer at chicagobotanic dot org
My research uses the tools of ecological genetics to answer questions aimed at making ecological restoration practices as economically feasible and successful as possible.

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Master's student
Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden
kkucera at chicagobotanic dot org
I am a first-year Master's student researching the genetic changes associated with the use of multi-source seed lots in Penstemon pachyphyllus used for restorations. I am broadly interested in ecological restoration, seed biology, and insect pollinators. Outside of the lab, I enjoy being outdoors (of course ☺), cooking, reading, and hanging out with my cat.  

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NU Masters student
emmaleavens2019 at u dot northwestern dot edu

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Assistant Professor
Amherst College
rlevin at amherst dot edu

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1st year Masters Student
Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University
taranlichtenberger2018 at u dot northwestern dot edu
Masters student working with Dr. Kramer since 2014. Research focuses on the impact of functional traits on productivity in three Southwestern U.S. species. Other research interests include seed biology, general functional trait research, prairie plants, and restoration ecology.   

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Master's student
Chicago Botanic Garden & Northwestern University
kristenmanion2019 at u dot northwestern dot edu
Hello! My name is Kristen and I am a first year master's student interested in the effects of habitat fragmentation on native bee communities in the Tallgrass Prairie. Most of the remaining Tallgrass Prairie exists in small parcels of land along roadside and road verges or in remnant patches adjacent to agriculture. Bees are the most important pollinators in the prairie, and these patches can sometimes be located several thousand meters apart, farther than the foraging range of most bees. Broadly, I am interested in questions relating to native bee ecology and how we may be able...

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Master's Student
p-nicodemus at neiu dot edu

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Chicago Botanic Garden
joshaugh at chicagobotanic dot org

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PhD Student
Chicago Botanic Garden
lkr626 at gmail dot com
I am a 2nd year PhD student working with Stuart Wagenius. I work with long-lived prairie plants in Minnesota and diverse annual plant communities in Southern California. My research focuses on understanding the timing of events in plant communities as it relates to plant diversity, and plant fitness. I'm particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms behind how plant diversity might influence plant fitness through either competition for pollination or other resource limitation.

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Chicago Botanic Garden
louise dot egerton08 at gmail dot com

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Ecologist and Seed Bank Coordinator, Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank
Chicago Botanic Garden
dsollenberger at chicagobotanic dot org

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Supervisor, Plant Health Care Department
Chicago Botanic Garden
ttiddens at chicagobotanic dot org

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University of Hawai'i at Manoa
skwalsh at hawaii dot edu

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Chicago Botanic Garden
matthewd dot wang at gmail dot com
I am a masters student in the Plant Biology & Conservation program at Northwestern/Chicago Botanic Garden. My interests include population/conservation genetics, phylogenetics, and ecology. Most of my work has been with Colorado Plateau & Mojave desert plants. My recent projects include “Taxon Boundaries and Genetic Variation Within and Among Populations of Rare Cacti, Pediocactus despainii and Pediocactus winkleri" and “The Effects of Road Disturbance on the Reproductive Success of the Holmgren Milkvetch Astragalus holmgreniorum”. Before starting...

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PhD student
Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden
KWenzell at u dot northwestern dot edu
I'm a third year PhD student in the Skogen-Fant lab. My research centers on how geographic variation in floral traits relates to differences in local pollinators, and how that shapes gene flow and genetic structure among plant populations. I'm currently studying how these factors shape population genetics and phenotypic divergence in the Indian paintbrushes (Castilleja). My work focuses on Castilleja sessiliflora, which shows dramatic variation in floral color (from pink to yellow to white) across its range, and which is the first...

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Conservation Scientist, Genomics and Bioinformatics
Chicago Botanic Garden, Northwestern University
nwickett at chicagobotanic dot org

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Masters Student
Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden
jordanwood2015 at u dot northwestern dot edu

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Graduate Student
Chicago Botanic Garden/Northwestern University
christopherwoolridge2017 at u dot northwestern dot edu
I'm a first year Master's student interested in incorporating climate change predictions to better inform seed sourcing decisions for ecological restoration efforts.

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Seed Bank Coordinator, Dixon National Tallgrass Prairie Seed Bank Conservation GIS Lab Manager
Chicago Botanic Garden
eyates at chicagobotanic dot org

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Research Assistant
Chicago Botanic Garden
jacobzeldin2015 at u dot northwestern dot edu

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Systematist & Director, Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation
Chicago Botanic Garden
n-zerega at northwestern dot edu