Show me the Data

The 9th week, time passed by too quickly. I spent the first weeks helping my mentor with his project, then we both helped my College First intern with his project, and now it's time for my project. The protocol I originally had hasn't changed too much, other than it is a much more detailed process that is easier to replicate. This means that it will take more time, which I feel like there isn't much left, but this data will be accurate able to convey a message, I hope.

The data sheets have been made, the materials have been prepared, the plan of action is going to be carried out carefully to catch anything we didn't think of before, and the rest is the data. In terms of time I've consulted with my mentor about changes that may have to be made for the sake of time, but it would just reduce the size of my data . Although I hoped to have as much data to work with as possible, it's better to be realistic and go forward from there. 

I have to remember to document the process, that would be good for the video. I have some footage of the prairie to work with, but a lot of it has nothing to do with my project. I still think it's good footage, just not relevant in any way. There's no way I'm deleting my footage of a heron eat a field mouse, no matter how blurry and irrelevant it is.

While I was filming, I found myself truly appreciating the prairie

The pressure is definitely on, but I definitely feel like everyone is putting their best foot forward. I think we've all learned a lot so far from this internship, and now we're being put to the test. It's going to be great, we'll all pull through. I'm really excited to see how everyone's project turns out. I'm excited about mine too. I hope it all turns out well.