Greetings everyone,

My name is Oscar, I am doing research here at Northwestern University under the mentorship of Dr. Wang and Ethan Zheng, a graduate student. I am majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Biology, and enjoy playing chess. Since I was a kid I found it interesting the way DNA was responsible for the genetic make-up of an organism and wondered what specific molecules form such structures. After taking organic chemistry, genetics, bio-organic, and many other classes my comprehension of the nucleic acids, as well as their tautomers, became clearer.

Our research focuses on the cross-species interactions between the fungal strain Aspergillus fumigatus and bacterial strain Pseudonomas aeruginosa. Specifically we want to test if pyocyanin can induce fungal conidiation and find out the mechanism of such a reaction. We use a digital-microscope to assess conidiations at different conditions.

The figure below shows a preview of the fungal and bacteria strains (phenotypically speaking) :

Figure-1 Culture-plates of the bacterial-fungal strains, the blue indicates the pyocyanin phenazine.