Ode to an Evening Primrose

Although this ode that I wrote does not quite describe Flagstaff, I feel compelled to post it after seeing some of the species that inspired it in the first place.

I search thee out with earnestness
Across white, wind-blown dunes
For you are truly marvelous
Beneath the light of moon

Your bloom is splendidly dove-white
And ever so redolent
You truly are a fetching sight
Imbued with elegance

Heart-shaped petals, precisely formed
They are your cynosure
Prodigious compared to the norm
Such glamour and allure

From anthers, ropes of pollen sway
Like riggings on a mast
A gilded necklace you display
Until the hawkmoth dash

They hover near, tongues so precise
Pursuing floral tubes
Sweet plant, you paid the dulcet price
Your pollen’s on the move

Across the land appears a haze
A silver desert mist
Soon Luna will shift her cool gaze
Ending your sweet, brief tryst

Red, gold, and orange appears on sand
A fiery summer’s kiss
The sun’s warm glow enshrouds the land
Pure opulence and bliss

O blossom thy swift end is nigh
For shortly you shall wilt
You blush, so pink with your goodbye
I feel now as a jilt

But Sol’s influence shall soon wane
He’ll ebb below the hills
The moon will rise; again you’ll reign
Your destiny fulfilled