Congratulations to 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) winners

Congratulations to our alumni,  Maria Schaedel (2013), Monica Cesinger (2014)  &  Rachel Wells (2015), on receiving for GRFP for their graduate research. 

Olga Kildesheva (REU Mentor 2017) and Isiah Spears, the College First student she mentored, published an article "The College First Program Opens Doors to New Possibilities in Plant COnservation and Ecological Restoration" on the International Network for Seed-Based Restoration website (10 October 2017). The article  discusses the impact the College First students have on the future of plant conservation research as well as the important role that mentor plays in helping to shape their future. Participants in the REU Program mentor Chicago Public High School students who participate in the Chicago Botanic Garden College First Program.


Congratulations to all 2017 REU students for their hard work and dedication this summer. All posters and video presentations showcased the new skills of our impressive cohort! A special congratulations goes to our award winners: Best overall: Marina Malone, Best poster: Ana Flores, Best presentation: Elizabeth Donaldson

Best overall winner (2017), Marina Malone with mentor Katie Wenzell

Congratulations to Desirea Thole (REU 2015) on a presentation of her research titled: "Monarch abundance across an urban gradient" at an event called "Posters at St. Paul." The event was held at the Minnesota State Capitol on March 2nd, 2017. Desirea was able to speak to several legislators about her research and experience at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She was one of approximately 50 students selected to present at the event.

Congratulations to all 2016 REU students for two final days of poster presentations and videos! All posters and video presentations were incredibly impressive! A special note of congratulations goes to our award winners: Ben Barteau (Best Presentation), Allison May Buiser (Best Poster) and Amanda Patsis (Best Overall).

Congratulations to Taran Lichtenberger ( REU 2015 & 2016) who tied for first place at the 2016 Expo at Northwestern Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Congratulations to Lisa Hintz (REU 2013) on a publication that resulted from her REU project: Hintz, L., A. Foxx, M. Eshleman, T. E. Wood, and A. T. Kramer. 2016. Population differentiation in early life history traits of Cleome lutea var. lutea in the Intermountain West. Western North American Naturalist 76:6-17.

Congratulations to Jannice Newson and Erica Rocha who have been accepted for an internship with Doris Duke Conservation Scholars! 

Congratulations to Melissa Mattwig (REU 2015) her poster won first place for the undergraduate student poster presentation at the Regional Science Consortium's Research Symposium at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) in Erie, PA.

Congratulations to Matthew Murphy ( REU 2014) for a publication that resulted from his REU project: Gardner, E. M., K. M. Laricchia, M. Murphy, D. Ragone, B. E. Scheffler, S. Simpson, E. W. Williams, and N. J. C. Zerega. 2015. Chloroplast Microsatellite Markers for Artocarpus (Moraceae) Developed from Transcriptome Sequences. Applications in Plant Sciences 3:1500049.

Congratulations to Jessica Riebkes ( REU 2013) for a publication that resulted from her REU project: Riebkes, J. L., R. S. Barak, and A. T. Kramer. 2015. Evaluating seed viability in prairie forbs: a test of three methods Native Plants Journal 16:96-106.

Congratulations to all 2015 REU students for a great final day of presentations! All posters and presentations were incredibly impressive! A special note of congratulations goes to our award winners: Lisa Cheung (Best Presentation), Taran Lichtenberger (Best Poster) and Evan Levy (Best Overall).

Congratulations to Oscar Herrera (REU 2012) who was awarded First place for his poster at the LSAMP Spring Symposium in STEM 2015.

Congratulations to Kevin Cheng (High School student 2014)  who won "Best in Category in Botany" at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Region 6's Science Fair. He earned "2nd Best Paper" at the Paper Session, and is an alternate for the International Intel Science Engineering Fair (ISEF).