Life as a Pipette Queen

Gosh, its eyes are so dreamy...

It's been a couple or so weeks since I've started in the lab. I've lost count of the days I've been pipetting non-stop. I'm sure everyone at the Chicago Botanic Garden Plant Science Center will agree that my (self-appointed) position as the Pipette Queen at the lab has been tireless. My shoulder blades ache, my right thumb is sore, and my eyes are watery from my endeavor: extracting the DNA of all of the tissue samples collected at the field (excluding my mentee's populations). 

Last week I've felt like there has been something keeping a close watch on me. It's as if there's been something endlessly staring at me. My back, in particular. But then I remembered today that I sit in front of the Beckman and its googly eyes. I like to think it's wide-eyed because it's super impressed with my top-tier Queen-like pipette-skills.

My efforts have not been for naught! I have just finished extracting all 8 of my populations, and best of all, I'm ahead of schedule. My shoulder blades have eased into the stance of a warrior. My right thumb is fit for any thumb-war. My eyes are only watery with tears of joy.  My life as the Pipette Queen has been tireless, but it sure is worthwhile. I hope I've made Beck proud.