First one to go . . .

August 2, 2017 - 14:24 -- skr52

Over the past two weeks, I processed all of the Cirsium hillii seeds (~12,000!) that my mentor and I collected from the field and analyzed the data. Good news is that our pollination experiment seemed to work! Cross-pollinated flowers produced about 50% more viable seeds than open-pollinated flowers, which we expected. Let's just hope it is actually statistically significant! While I waited for the auto-feeder to weigh the seeds, I was working on my video that explains my project. I used to hate doing video projects back in school, but I had a lot more fun with this one. I had already recorded videos and pictures of my flowers in the field so I already had half the footage! I filled the rest with graphics I drew and some videos of me talking with the amazing background of CBG. I added the voice-over and I was done! Feels great to look back at all the hard work I've done.

Cirsium hillii seeds are attached to fluffy pappi for wind dispersal!

Unfortunately, this is my last week at CBG. :'( As much as I am excited to be attending the ESA conference in Portland next week, I am equally as sad to be leaving the garden and all the friends I have made here. It's been wonderful to have shared this experience with such fun, smart, and supportive interns and staff. I hope that I will return to CBG in the near future for school/work/fun!