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The End!

Now that the program's been over for about a week it seems like a good time to look back on what I've learned.  I can't believe how fast the entire experience went, I've never felt 10 weeks fly by quite so quickly!  I'd like to thank all the staff at the CBG, those who were directly involved in my project and those who were just always incredibly friendly and brought lots of treats and laughs to the lunch room!

Already four weeks in!

My name is Laura and I’ll be a senior at the University of Oregon this upcoming year, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology.  This summer, I got the great chance to travel far from home here to the Chicago Botanic Garden and work as an REU on a project focusing on nitrogen cycling in wetlands, specifically the process of denitrification.  For my specific project, I’ll be studying the relationship between denitrification and nitrogen isotope ratios. 

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